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Security Awareness Training - Mitigate Your Human Cyber Risk

Begin training your employees on how to identify and report phishing, social engineering threats and cyber attacks with Teach AI -  Security Awareness Training

CYBR - Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations - CYBR AI.png

Certify your employees

Monitor your cyber risk

Gamified, bite-sized lessons

Continuous security awareness training! (Multi-tiered and based on risk-access)

Detailed overview of individual employee progress

Teach AI Benefits

CYBR's SaaS platform teaches employees how to avoid the most sophisticated social engineering attacks. Teach AI delivers bite sized, gamified and engaging content.

Teach AI

CYBR - Teach AI Security Awareness Training Platform

Security Awareness Training
That You Can Count On

Trusted globally by organizations of all sizes to improve security culture and mitigate human cyber risk.

CYBR - Security Awareness Training - Customers - AF Gruppen, Kruse Smith, Nye Veier, Bridgestone, Compusoft, CEPI, Sintef, Allente, Rana Gruber, Elkjøp, Jernia, Biltema, Greig Seafood, KBN, Den Norske Kirke, Stendi
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