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Identify your employees' unique weak spots, and launch personalised, targeted phishing attack simulations.

CYBR - Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations for employees

CYBR Security Awareness Training Platform -
Transform Employee Behaviour

Teach AI - Security Awareness Training, strengthens security culture throughout your organization while preparing your employees for sophisticated social engineering attacks.Our AI-governed cybersecurity solution is designed to bring about measurable improvements in employee behaviour and ensures that the best cyber hygiene practices are in place within your company.

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CYBR - Security awareness training - Train your employees

Monitor your cyber risk

Certify your employees

Train your users

Protecting your organization from cyber threats and being in compliance with the many laws and standards (ISO, GDPR, etc.) is necessary but can be challenging to implement. With new requirements for organizations and staff to understand modern cybersecurity risks, CYBR helps you to earn certificates that you can share with the required entities.

Train your employees to identify and report phishing along with the most current cyber threats. Access CYBR's library of gamified, bite-sized awareness training content and keep your employees engaged. CYBR's risk-tiered lessons continuously improve your employees' threat detection abilities and our robust CMS grants admins the freedom to create and build custom company-authored content.

Our extensive reporting and management capabilities make it pain-free for admins to keep track of your risk score and monitor your progress over time. The CYBR platform provides an overview of your organization as a whole while allowing you to zoom in on individual employees to discover those most vulnerable to cyber attacks, along with identifying your company's best human threat detectors.

Phishing Awareness Training - Social Engineering Supercharged.

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​Malicious actors utilise a multitude of attack vectors to gain access to your company's private data. Often the result of an employee clicking a malicious link in a phishing email or falling victim to a social engineering attack results in catastrophic losses to the company. Today, it becomes necessary for your organisation to take proactive measures in training your employees on how to identify and report threats, regardless of the attack delivery method.

Breach AI's phishing simulations condition your employees' resilience against cyber threats such as; phishing emails, smishing and SoMe attacks, in addition to sophisticated deep AI and social engineering threats.

Regular exposure to cyber threats within a safe environment facilitates transforming your human error vulnerabilities into a human cyber defence team. Our AI-governed social penetration tool and support from our Security Engineering Center (SEC) work in tandem to improve your current security awareness program and mitigate your human cyber risk.

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Security Awareness Training
That You Can Count On

Trusted globally by organizations of all sizes to improve security culture and mitigate human cyber risk.

CYBR - Security Awareness Training - Customers - AF Gruppen, Kruse Smith, Nye Veier, Bridgestone, Compusoft, CEPI, Sintef, Allente, Rana Gruber, Elkjøp, Jernia, Biltema, Greig Seafood, KBN, Den Norske Kirke, Stendi

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Elevate Your Security Awareness Program with CYBR

Empower and protect your organization through our security awareness platform. Improve security culture, measure improvement and mitigate your human cyber risk with Teach AI and Breach AI.

CYBR - Security awareness training - Elevate your security awareness program
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