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CYBR transforms security awareness into measurable improvements throughout your employees’ security habits, behaviours, and hygiene. 

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CYBR - Learn The ultimate security awareness platform

The Ultimate
Security Awareness Training Platform

CYBR's security awareness training platform offers interactive, bite-sized lessons designed to keep your employees engaged! Improve security culture, habits, and behaviour throughout your entire organization and mitigate your human cyber risk. CYBR empowers your organization, elevates security culture, and transforms human error into human cyber defence!

CYBR - Teach AI Security Awareness Training Platform

Teach AI

CYBR's SaaS platform teaches employees how to avoid the most sophisticated social engineering attacks. Teach AI delivers bite sized, gamified and engaging content.

Gamified, bite-sized lessons

Continuous security awareness training! (Multi-tiered and based on risk-access)

Detailed overview of individual employee progress

Teach AI Benefits

CYBR - Breach AI Security Awareness Training Platform

Breach AI

Change employee habits and behaviours with CYBR's SaaS platform. Breach AI generates next-gen social engineering campaigns while utilising key attack vectors (email, phone, SoMe)

Personalized phishing simulations

Detailed overview of individual employee vulnerabilities and your organization's risk score

Discover which employees are your best human threat detectors

Breach AI Benefits

CYBR - CMS Security Awareness Training Platform


CYBR’s Content Management System (CMS) gives admins freedom to create, edit, publish and store unique digital content.

Access CYBR's full content library

Easily create, publish and store your unique company authored content within the CYBR platform CMS

Unlimited potential to combine CYBR's pre-made content with yours

CYBR CMS Benefits

Security Awareness Training
For Measurable Behaviour Change

You really can have it all. Mitigating human error related risks is a big task, but doesn't have to feel stressful. Our platform at CYBR is designed to make monitoring progress pain-free for admins, while our bite-sized lessons keep your employees engaged, actively learning and constantly improving.

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Reporting + Management

Extensive reporting and management capabilities, allowing a birds eye view and focus on the individual.

CYBR - Security Awareness Training - Phishing Simulations.png

Behaviour change that lasts

Positively reinforce wins, and instantly correct failures through content that engages your employees in both scenarios.

CYBR - Security Awareness Training - Gamified.png

Gamified and engaging

Continuous bite sized training, sophisticated attack simulations and interactive assessments available on the go.

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Phishing simulations - Risk Based - CYBR - Security Awareness Training.png
Phishing simulations -CMS - CYBR - Security Awareness Training.png

Risk tiered training

Ultra personalized phishing

Robust CMS

Multi-tiered security awareness training, based on the individual employee's risk access level.

State of the art phishing simulations generated by our Breach AI engine.

Freedom to create custom, company authored content, and enjoy full access to CYBR's powerful, pre-built library. 

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Security Awareness Training
That You Can Count On

Trusted globally by organizations of all sizes to improve security culture and mitigate human cyber risk.

Security Awareness Spotlights

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Elevate Your Security Awareness Program with CYBR

Empower and protect your organization through our security awareness platform. Improve security culture, measure improvement and mitigate your human cyber risk with Teach AI and Breach AI.

CYBR - Security Awareness Training - Elevated
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