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Security Awareness Month

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

CYBR blog - Security Awareness Month - Security Spotlights
CYBR - Security Awareness Month

Security Awareness Month - The answer to everything ?

Is this truly the answer to solve it all? Awareness Month marks an opportunity to amplify your efforts toward security awareness and security culture throughout your organization. For some, it may even mean taking this step in the right direction for the first time.

So how do you go about creating a security program this month that will continue working for you throughout the year?

Quick start your security awareness program

Here are a couple of tips you can try out:

1. Implement regular awareness training

Condition those with network access (employees, contractors, yourself) with continuous awareness training. You should implement this training throughout the year.

2. Deliver your security content in small batches

Keep your training engaging, and bite-sized. (let’s face it, for the average joe, cybersecurity content may not be the most exciting part of their day) and overloading your employees with too much training all at once is unlikely to achieve lasting results.

3. Phishing simulations to practice identifying and reporting cyber threats

Expose those that you have trained to simulated cyber threats. Phishing email campaigns are a great way to discover if your organization is secure from social engineering attacks.

4. Monitor your awareness and phishing campaign results

Keep track of the results of your cyber attack campaigns. Monitoring your results enables you to be more aware of who your company’s best human threat detectors are. You’ll also know where more efforts are required to instil better cyber hygiene.

5. Use awareness training as reinforcement to both successes and failures

Use awareness training as positive reinforcements for success and to correct the negative results of failed phishing campaigns.

Don’t let your security awareness program overwhelm you!

While Cybersecurity Awareness Month may not be the ultimate solution, and implementing an effective security program may feel daunting, don't lose hope. Security Awareness month can be your starting point or a great way to revive your existing program. Feel free to use the points above as you begin, and remember to breathe. At CYBR, we know just how important security culture is to your business, and we’re here to help you manage and mitigate your human cyber risk. Get in touch with us today to discuss elevating your security awareness program.


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